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 Artist Statement 


I am a musician because of my vast love and appreciation for music. I associate memories with different songs, and lyrics or tones can change my mood by making me happy or want to cry. I want to pursue music as a career because it’s the only thing that draws me in so completely. I began pursuing music when I was young, as a singer. As I grew, I started to branch out, looking for ways to build my musicianship. I started writing songs and learned new instruments to perform them on and started pursuing production as well.

When creating, whether it’s writing a melody on the piano, writing new lyrics, or recording a song, I try to be as raw as possible. I don’t have a set system or routine that I use but instead I explore what is inspiring me at that moment. Whether it be a picture, a book, or even a melody.

During my last musical project, I was under a lot of stress. I didn’t know where I was headed and everything was unclear to me. I worried about my future a lot and wondered if I would be able to pursue a career in music if I didn’t achieve fame. I didn’t realize at the time, but looking back, I see my songs reflected this. The lyrics were dark and moody and mentioned themes similar to being stuck. My current songs feature themes based off of novels I love, freedom, and whatever else I feel inspired by. Now that I’m in a better place, I’m able to express myself to the fullest.

Although I have sung almost every genre of music, I enjoy the ability I have now, that I’m writing my own music, to pull from the genres that inspire me most. I enjoy jazz, blues, folk, and rock, and I take my favorite elements from all of these to create my own sound.

Press Release


Singer-songwriter Sophia Grayce has just released her latest single Eleanor. This new sound is quite a contrast from her last release with Vermont Pop Records and provides a more wholesome and emotional sound from Grayce. The themes in her lyrics are of those that we have all dealt with in one way or another. The delivery through her velvet-like voice make us feel as if we’re going through them again.

Eleanor is the first song Grayce has composed by herself. The dreaded character Eleanor was based off the character Myrtle from the novel The Great Gatsby and morphed into her own being from there. Grayce traded in her guitar for a professional instrumental track assembled by local producer Kevin Sellors. Complete with a slide guitar that almost sounds like the guitar is morning Grayce’s loss as well.




Sophia Puckett

I have held almost every position within the music studio. Whether it be singer, songwriter, musician, recording engineer, or mixer. I think it’s important to have someone like me to know where each person is coming from in their task.

Creator of studio/ Recording Engineer/ Producer
Strawberry Moon Sounds 08/2017—present

• Notation: Sibelius
• Recording/Producing: Protools
Administrative Computer Applications:
• Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point
• Databases: Adobe Premiere Pro
• Graphic and Web Design: Photoshop, WordPress

Berklee College of Music – Boston, MA – 01/2017—Present
Bachelor of Professional Studies in Music Production – Anticipated Graduation: 2019
GPA: 3.778
Dean’s List: Winter, Spring, 2017


Career Plan

Career and Academic plan:

Career Goal : To own a recording studio and be able to produce my own music and other artists


BPS in Music Production

Protools experience

Experience working with artists


Vocal experience


Current Skills and Experience:

Musician (Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Music Theory)

Vocal lessons (6 years, classical/contemporary)

Protools (Protools 101, Protools 110)

Performing experience

Recording artist

Studio experience (2 months working in the studio)

Plan to Reach Career Goal:

1 year

Write music (EP, Album, Songs for Licensing)

Start recording as many artists as possible to create portfolio


Intern at studio

Save money for studio

2 years

Complete degree

Create studio space in home or depending on budget, rent a commercial space

Start my own songs for licensing

5 years

Have studio in commercial space

Start hiring people to work for me

Start working with professional clients