Meet Your Coach

My name is Sophia Puckett, I am a graduate from Berklee College of music and an experienced singer, performer, recording artist, and songwriter. Through years of hard work and trial and error, I established a presence under the stage name Sophia Grayce. During this time, I learned the ins and outs of the music industry.

During my time teaching at a music conservatory, I found the need for a program that was catered to more serious singers. My goal is to provide a program that fits into the schedule of a busy artist, ensures technical proficiency, and also offers the aspect of artist development as well. I have studied classical and contemporary vocal instruction in both undergraduate and graduate capacities, as well as private instruction. By combining various methods, I provide a well rounded program for my students.

How does it work ?

Do I have to go anywhere or log on at a certain time?
Because this program is designed for busy artists, it is completely REMOTE. You won’t have to drive across town for lessons and you can even complete assignments in your pajamas or backstage!

How do assignments work?
I will assign exercises to students based off of my curriculum and/or the needs of the student. The student will video record their exercises and send it back to me. I will analyze it and either move you on to the next exercise or explain what can be improved and ask you to re-do it.

We start by covering vocal health and touch everything from breathing correctly to belting.

How many assignments do I need to complete per week?

You will work entirely on your schedule. There is no time limit on exercises so the student can complete them at any pace that works for them.

What resources will I have?

  • Students have complete access to me via email. You can reach out any time to ask questions or advice.
  • Each student is offered 1 video call with me per month in which they can choose to use or not to use. These video calls are great to use if you’re having a particularly hard time with a certain exercise.
  • Students will get several FREE guidebooks, authored by yours truly, regarding everything from vocal health to studio etiquette.


$200 per month

That’s it ! There’s no hidden costs, no recital fees, no extra music that you’ll need to purchase. That’s less than the average cost of 1 hour of voice lessons once a week! This program is designed like a subscription service. With your subscription you’ll get :

Unlimited exercises
Artist development advice
Complete access to me via email
1 skype session a month
Free guidebooks

Sign Up / More Info

If you’re ready to sign up, or if you’d just like some more information, please email me at to schedule a free consultation. We will use this time to discuss you plans and needs as a singer so we can provide lessons catered to you!

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